Month: March 2017

dSLR External Zoom & Focus Driver

The dSLR External Zoom & Focus Driver project will provide a simple and effective way to externally control zoom or focus of dSLR lenses.  The primary intent of this is for use with time-lapse photography, where small increments of zoom or focus are made before or after each frame.  This device could be used for videography as…

By Rob March 13, 2017 0

DIY Dew Heater

In addition to the dew heater controller, an electric heating element is needed.  The heating element is wrapped around a camera lens and gently warms it to prevent moisture from condensing on the lens. Nichrome wire will be used as the heating element.  This wire is very effective at converting electric current to heat, and is…

By Rob March 4, 2017 0