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Introducing a Raspberry Pi GPIO Hardware Trigger for SLR Cameras

Corona Designs is introducing a simple camera trigger to interface directly with Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header. This allows for the Raspberry Pi to automatically control any camera compatible with a standard remote shutter release. This device is useful for creating computer-controlled timelapse photography, stop motion photography, or other remotely controlled or automatic photography based on other…

By Rob March 22, 2021 2

dSLR External Zoom & Focus Driver

The dSLR External Zoom & Focus Driver project will provide a simple and effective way to externally control zoom or focus of dSLR lenses.  The primary intent of this is for use with time-lapse photography, where small increments of zoom or focus are made before or after each frame.  This device could be used for videography as…

By Rob March 13, 2017 0